Looking Forward

Did I really just see Fall Holiday Decor at my local big box retailer? I mean, I'm still basking in the summer sunlight and oppressive heat. 

Nonetheless, football season is upon us (hurray), the fall look-books are out and though I hate to admit it, they haven't been lost on my sun-bathing body. I may have just made my first fall wardrobe purchase - a perfect pair of black suede booties.  

Here's to clinging onto the last bits of summer. . . 

Not sure what to do now that you've cut up all of that watermelon? This watermelon margarita from www.marthastewart.com is heavenly. 


Now that you've got a cold refreshing beverage enjoy a lovely salad (before the cold hits and all you want is meat, potatoes & cheese). This one from the Proud Italian Cook is perfection. 


Now that dinner's done, go find a soothing spot, close your eyes somewhere in the sun and dream on . . . summer's not over yet. 


 'Til Next Time!

xoxo Rachel