Feeling the blues...

Don't worry - I'm not sad, down or in any way in a funk; I'm just really feeling the blues. You know, digging the shades of blue. Maybe its my perpetual state of mind that has me daydreaming of the oceanside, but I've always been drawn to the color. Indigo, turquoise, robin's egg blue - it doesn't matter.

I love this space. The combination may not speak to some people and that's okay, but to me its fun, unexpected & lively and combines some of my favorite hues.

My beautiful cousin Kayla is getting married at the beach next month and I've been thinking about the breeze, the water & sun...and of course what to wear. While I have no idea what I'm going to wear, I'm not opposed to wasting my time daydreaming of sunbathing and frolicking in the sand . . . Yes, frolicking.  

Alright, so I may be getting a bit carried away. Let's face it, Myrtle beach can't compare to the white sand & turquoise water of Turks & Caicos, but let's just pretend next month's getaway will feel a bit like this.

'Til Next Time!

xoxo Rachel