On My Mind

I know we all waited with baited breath for Pantone to announce the 2013 Color of The Year and thankfully, they confirmed my genius & trend-setting ability . . . (I seriously crack myself up).  PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald is this year's color du jour and for those of you like me, you didn't need PANTONE to tell you its fabulous. My very first post, Green Day, explored our need for more of this lush hue, and while I'm still swooning, I've moved on.

Right now I'm drawn to this raspberry-meets-violet hue and although I don't see it anywhere yet, it is certainly on my mind. This is it and I want it . . . on my nails, on my lips, on some pillows, drapes, you name it - I'm loving it.

Source: rileymadel.blogspot.com via Marissa on Pinterest

This just might be my gloss for spring. NARS Larger Than Life Gloss in Penny Arcade-Raspberry.

Source: sephora.com via Rachel on Pinterest

Get a glimpse of the elusive color here in the forefront as it compliments the color of the moment.

Source: gildandgrace.blogspot.com via Patti on Pinterest

Maybe I'm over gray & nude lips or maybe I'm must looking forward to spring & something fresh, but I'm loving me some color. Whether its emerald or raspberry-meets-violet, I don't see an end in sight to my color crush.

What colors are you craving?

'Til Next Time!