Budget Conscious

I love beautiful spaces, but the reality is when it comes to my own home, i'm always working on a budget.  Don't let a tight budget stop you from creating a beautiful space you love because it shouldn't.  There are so many creative things we can do to save money when styling a space and in the end, it will still look like a million bucks.

First things first: paint your cabinetry.  If you are like me, you moved into an 80's gem with horrendous dark wood cabinets and couldn't dislike them more.  Get a gallon of oil-based paint, a cheap brush, foam roller, some sand paper and you're all set.  Think outside the box and add some color - your cabinets don't have to be white, or all one color. Paint the uppers white and the lowers a deep gray tone.  The possibilities are endless, just don't settle for hideous cabinets! Check out my Pinterest board, "Dreamy Interiors" for more ideas on cabinet colors.

                       Source: sherimartininteriors.wordpress.com via Rachel on Pinterest

                                  Source: theinspiredroom.net via Rachel on Pinterest

The second thing I always try to do is work with existing pieces.  That majority of us can't afford to go out and buy all new furnishings or case goods, but most of us to do have a few redeemable pieces already in the house.  You need to find an affordable upholsterer in your area and become friends - good friends.  Before you get rid of any piece of upholstery, picture it with new fabric and I bet it would work fabulously. And for heaven's sake, go bold already! If you're afraid of going bold, have a slip-cover made instead.

Check out this magenta beauty. This is a very traditional looking chair that I bet you could find at your local consignment or thrift store and give it a makeover. And the faux-fur office chair wouldn't even have to be done professionally, that is a serious DIY.  Finally, the sofa becomes an amazing focal & conversation piece when covered in this kilim-inspired fabric.
source: tumblr.com via Rachel on Pinterest

                     Source: allthingsstylish.tumblr.com via Rachel on Pinterest
Source: wisteria.com via Rachel on Pinterest

On Friday I'll share some cheaper alternatives that offer the same designer look we're all after including amazing wallpaper alternatives, so stay tuned!

'Til Next Time!
xoxo Rachel