Green Day

Even the smallest things inspire me and our labor day vacation was certainly no exception. The fading colors of the wood drying for the fireplace, the moss growing on the rocks along the hidden mountain trails, the broken and twisted tree limbs I imagine as jewelry stands -- I can't get enough.

Everywhere I looked I saw green. The gorgeous, saturated, deep tones of emerald.

I've had this particular photo in my portfolio for some time now; I've always loved this space and I think the deeper, more vibrant greens are more glamorous and seriously under-utilized.

Here are a couple of other spaces that have a much less formal feel, but nonetheless utilize this deep and saturated tone. It's so elegant and fresh and can be used quite casually. Pair it with natural wood tones, charcoal gray, or black with gilded accents.

Check out the all-too-fresh chevron patterned draperies. I can't say I've ever seen them done in this deep emerald green and I would love to see them next to a darker wall. 

Below: A casual, transitional space with punchy accents.

Eclectic Living Room design by Orange County Media And Blogs Tara Bussema

Here are some scenes that inspired me from our weekend at the cabin.

'Til next time!