Finding Inspiration

As I've said before, I find inspiration in the little things, especially the great outdoors.  But no matter where you find your inspiration, you want your space to reflect the things you love.  If you can accomplish that, I truly believe your space will always feel fresh and relaxing.

It's been such a beautiful week here in Charlotte & I wanted to get outdoors and bring you some spaces that have effortlessly brought the outdoors in through subtle color palettes & even more literal pieces of artwork.

Eclectic Landscape design by San Francisco Landscape Architect Huettl Landscape Architecture

This shot is so lovely with the deep hues of the Japanese Maple, the purple of the lavender, and the yellows & greens in the grasses.  You could incorporate any combination of these colors in your space easily through accents or furnishings.

Below is a traditional space that has brought the outdoors in through color and texture. The hues of autumn leaves are found on the walls and arm chair, the calming greens of the sky and grasses are found on the draperies and sunroom walls, and the textures of the stone fireplace, the rustic coffee table and the chandelier reflect the trees and hardscape.

Traditional Family Room design by New York Architect Crisp Architects

I happen to be a beach bum at heart and any time I get to the beach, I'm determined I could live in a shack on only the fish I catch if only I could live there.  While my beach shack is likely to never happen, I can bring a little beach back with me to the Queen City.

Contemporary Landscape design by San Luis Obispo Landscape Architect Ecotones

Both spaces below have incorporated the beach in very different ways, one more literal than the other, but I adore both.

I love this modern space - it's so bright & fun.  The mid-century pieces in a crisp palette ensure all the focus is on the show-stopping mural.  Anybody can have a mural like this in their own home as there are several websites that have ready-made stock available and some will even take your own photos and turn them into wallpaper or fabric.

Eclectic Dining Room design by New York Interior Designer Anthony Baratta LLC

While the following space is much more traditional, it still feels casual and beachy because of the color palette.  The clean white linens, pale blue walls and punches of coral evoke an open & airy beach house.  The large scale and coral imagery of the artwork gives this bedroom a gorgeous focal point when you enter.

Both spaces execute the same theme very differently, but beautifully all the same.

Mediterranean Bedroom design by Santa Barbara Interior Designer Lori Smyth

My inspirational pic this week:

I hope you're able to enjoy the outdoors this week and even if you simply pick some fresh flowers, I hope you bring the outdoors in . . .

'Til Next Time!
xoxo Rachel