all in the details

I'm convinced that it's the details that can make or break a space, or an outfit for that matter.  The right shoes, clutch, jewelry, takes a basically boring outfit and turns it into something fabulous. It's the same for any space:  You may have inherited some larger pieces that you just can't get rid of . . . have no fear, you can love that old, hand-me-down buffet -- you can, I promise.

                       Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

My husband hates it when I paint a piece of wood furniture, and I understand -- to a point.  Yes, there are some pieces that would be shameful to paint, but that old, ho-hum dresser that you picked up at the neighborhood garage sale, you need not hesitate to paint.  The first piece of furniture I ever refinished was an old dresser from The Salvation Army.  I painted it turquoise, distressed it slightly, and rubbed some stain over the edges.  That piece is still in my home today and I still LOVE it.  While this is not my dresser, it is very similar, and I promise that you could make this happen, even if you've never refinished a piece of furniture before.

                          Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Aside from my addiction to refinishing ugly old pieces of furniture, right now I'm finding myself placing pieces of faux-fur over every chair in the house. I have a large piece draped over the back of the sofa and covering the daybed.  Its a fun and super-inexpensive way to give your upholstery a new look.  Emily Henderson has styled this mid-century chair in the same way.  This actually looks like one of those small, inexpensive, flokati-style rugs from IKEA.  Just try it, especially now that the temps are cooling, it's the perfect way to welcome fall.  And it doesn't have to be faux-fur, it could be any of your favorite fabric remnants folded over and down the middle of any upholstered chair.  Just make sure it's long enough to be tucked under your seat cushion.

If you have a particularly neutral space, simply add some color.  Keep it consistent for a more modern look and for ultimate impact.  Of course, the color in this photo is a deep turquoise, my color du 'jour, but I can't help myself.   It's not overwhelming at all, just touches tastefully spread throughout the space.

If you're on a budget, try spray painting some lamps or picture frames.  Maybe recover the seats to your occasional chairs.  Sew some new covers for your toss pillows.  All fairly simply DIY projects.

This last photo has to be my favorite detail.  I know, I know, there's no turquoise in this space?!  But seriously, have you ever seen nail-heads tacked around a door frame?  You may have missed the subtle arch of the doorway, but the nailhead accentuates this detail and turns it into a focal point.   I'm hooked and will be incorporating this detail into a space soon.  Nailhead trim is for more than your upholstery . . . who would've thought.

I could go on and on sharing with you photos that have inspired me with the little things.  But hopefully this is enough to get you thinking . . .  and inspired.

It really is all in the details.

'Til Next Time!
xoxo Rachel