Rachel Noreika -

Owner + Designer


I am a creative and committed free-spirit - especially when it comes to style and interior design. While I understand the traditional design precepts, I believe good design re-imagines and bends those rules. Good style and great interiors should be fun, casual and personal. This website is the perfect introduction to my world, my style and my company: Curate.



Curate was born out of a desire to explore and collect beautiful things. The name comes from my belief that life is about surrounding yourself with the things you love - the people, the experiences, the memories and all the lovely things that remind you of what's good. I've been designing, styling and imagining spaces, recycling & refinishing old pieces of furniture for as long as I can remember. I started out painting murals on the walls, rearranging the furniture of my childhood home and studying the stream of blueprints on my Dad's work bench.  My childhood love is now my full-time passion.   

Rachel's Style

My style is casual, organic and a bit bohemian, reflecting my wonderful travels over the years. I love the textural and eclectic and mixing the old and new to create layers of interest within a space. 

I approach each project a bit differently as your home should reflect your distinct personality and meet your unique needs. Meeting the needs of my clients & exceeding their expectations is my first priority and great pleasure. I take pride in my unique ability to offer my clients exceptional value. My retail business coupled with my knowledge of the vintage marketplace provides me greater access to new products and allows me to create a space that looks collected & timeless. I'm blessed to do what I love and will use all of my resources to create the space of your dreams regardless of your budget.

When I'm not helping clients create their dream spaces, you can usually find me having some fun outdoors playing volleyball or biking with my husband or playing with our two dogs, Skeeter & Gertie.

xoxo Rachel