Winter Wishes

I've hit the Winter doldrums. Everything feels dry . . . my hair, my skin, my style - I'm ready to spice it up a bit, but every time I try, I find myself clamoring for the nearest pair of wool socks and a hooded sweatshirt. A funk some may call it, and I'm in the middle of one - a big one.

If you're feeling like me, here's a little inspiration for you.
Dream with me of warmer days when our skin will glow and our sun-bleached hair will fall effortlessly & perfectly across our faces.

Dream of warmer days when we will bare our legs & arms fearlessly, wear only one layer and slowly & casually sip our coffee.

Dream of warmer days when we'll once again prefer entertaining outdoors under the stars.

The New Year is here and warmer days are surely coming soon.

Until then - keep dreaming.

'Til Next Time!
xoxo Rachel

craving color

After spending a white Christmas in Michigan, I'm craving some color and some inspiration for last minute fixes before my New Year's guests get into town. This peachy-coral color is one of my favorite hues right now & paired with black & white or hints of emerald is a serious show-stopper. My New Year's quick-fix? Stack artwork instead of hanging and add some fresh flowers to my guest bedrooms.

My next favorite hue? Mustard meets citron - and when paired with turquoise it's unexpected and fresh. New Year's quick-fix #2? Fill bowls with fresh fruit to add pops of color to my kitchen.

Eclectic Living Room design by New York Interior Designer Scott Sanders LLC

And my final current color craze is of course, emerald. But I will have you all know that my very first blog this year was on this very color and our need for more of it. I still believe it - look how it pops against a neutral grasscloth and graphic black & white. My final quick-fix for my New Year's guests? Add some cozy pillows to seating & bedding for a warm welcome.

Although I'm back in Charlotte and out of the snow, I'm still craving color and the promise of a New Year.

'Til Next Time!
xoxo Rachel

Savoring Christmas

Happy Holidays!  I hope that everyone is blessed enough to get time with friends & family this Christmas and New Year.

I've been thinking of ways to slow down & savor this Holiday Season. It always rushes by and I'm left staring back at it. This year I want to enjoy it all while it's happening. I love the idea of setting up a hot drink station for family & guests - so warm & inviting.

Traditional Spaces design by Other Metro Media And Blogs My Sweet Savannah

I don't care if I have guests invited or not, I want my table set & looking pretty.  It makes me happy when I walk by and that's worth it to me.  I love the plaid throw as a runner & the holly berries used for this tablescape.

I will also have tasty beverages abounding . . . and again, more for myself than for guests, but I'm sure they'll appreciate it too.

Surround yourself with the things & people you love this Holiday Season.  May your days be merry & bright.

'Til Next Time
xoxo Rachel

DIY Holiday

Just a little inspiration to liven up the Holidays.

Kick it old school style with these homemade, cinnamon scented gingerbread ornaments. Adorn your tree and tie one on your gifts for an extra-special touch.

Your gift wrapping will be the envy of the party with this paper from Etsy.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Grab the coolest place cards in your own back yard. Love the neon pink, but any color could work - gold would love fabulous.

Decorating & entertaining for the Holidays doesn't have to be overwhelming. Sometimes the best things are right in front of you.

'Til Next Time!
xoxo Rachel

Christmas Inspiration

Not all things Christmas, just all things Christmas colored...

I'm not a totally traditional gal, but I just love this kitchen.

Every dog needs a chair, but I'm sure few have one this cool. But seriously, how cool would it be to have this chair in the living room?

I love this idea: spray paint plastic kids toys and add a magnet . . . what a great DIY gift idea!

This bright red, plaid coat makes me happy . . .

What Christmas color combos are inspiring you?

'Til Next Time!
xoxo Rachel